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2014-2015 University Catalog 
2014-2015 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mayes College of Healthcare Business and Policy

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Mayes College was formed to bring together several successful degree programs including the undergraduate BS in pharmaceutical and healthcare business, the two separate MBA track programs, the MPH, and three graduate degrees: the MS in biomedical writing (started in 1997) and the master’s and PhD programs in health policy (MS started in 2001, PhD in 1998). While the academic programs have their own requirements and offer their own degrees, there is overlap among the curricula so that students benefit from access to a wide variety of courses and experiential opportunities. This broad array of opportunities means our graduates are well prepared for the challenges facing healthcare in America and across the globe.

In all programs at Mayes College, you will benefit from coursework and opportunities to perform and take part in research that directly involves healthcare stakeholders nationally and internationally, including, but not limited to hospitals, health systems, pharmaceutical firms, government agencies, clinicians, insurance companies, managed care organizations, and entrepreneurial ventures.

The depth of resources and expertise at Mayes College mean your education will grow through knowledge and skills taught in the classroom and through personal networking experiences with current leaders in the field and with your classmates, the future leaders of the healthcare industry.


The mission of Mayes College is to enable to students, graduates, and faculty to be practitioners, innovators, leaders, and communicators in healthcare business, policy and public health.  Members of the college collaborate both locally and globally through research and practice to expand the knowledge base in these fields.


Our vision is to be the premier college, educating innovative leaders focused on improving and shaping healthcare business, policy, and public health.

BS in Pharmaceutical Marketing and Healthcare Business

There is a great future for students interested in the pharmaceutical, life sciences, diagnostics, devices, and healthcare industries. The courses offered and the knowledge and skills taught in the pharmaceutical and healthcare business program prepare students for entry-level jobs in a wide variety of careers in the industry. For example, graduates are employed in marketing, advertising, market research, sales project management, and sales roles, and several graduates have been named “Rookies of the Year” by top ten pharmaceutical companies, because they were well prepared for the job. In addition to the BS degree program, there are four minors (general business, pharmaceutical and healthcare business, small business management, and marketing) offered for individuals majoring in other University programs who want to understand how business will impact their careers.

MBA in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business

The MBA program includes two distinct formats: an evening, on-campus program and an online program, for individuals who do not reside within commuting distance or whose life responsibilities make on-campus classes difficult. Students may move from one format to the other. At a time of unprecedented change in the healthcare industry, our students are learning through cutting-edge teaching technologies how to focus on global issues. Industry experts serve as teachers and mentors to prepare students to fulfill leadership positions to help direct and manage the changing healthcare landscape.

MS and PhD in Health Policy

Whether your interests are in analyzing health policy issues, in developing or administering programs that affect the health of entire communities, or in conducting cutting-edge research that advances knowledge in the field, the degree programs in health policy and public health provide the education for you to assume a leadership role in those fields. 

The goal of the MS degree track is to train you in health policy analysis. The PhD is designed to train researchers who will make original contributions to understanding the provision of healthcare and health status.

With a master of science in health policy you can help shape and communicate policy for healthcare organizations, including businesses; federal, state, or local government agencies; and consulting firms. Because the ability to analyze health policy has become central to the functioning of almost every kind of organization involved in the healthcare system, the field affords you tremendous intellectual opportunities, as well as the opportunity to profoundly impact the world.

With a PhD in health policy, you will conduct original research to explore the provision of healthcare and other policy-relevant ideas and to help guide the nation’s health policy agenda. Careers include those in the academic setting, industry, government, and consulting firms. Wherever you choose to work after graduation, you will help advance knowledge and influence the healthcare that patients receive.

Master of Public Health

With a master of public health you can shape programs that affect the health of populations both locally and globally. You can craft the agenda of regional and national health agencies or serve as an advocate for underserved populations through regulatory and legislative channels. Whatever career course you take, your online or on-campus MPH degree from Mayes College provides you with the knowledge, training, and skills to realize your full potential and engage in a career that serves the best interests of mankind.

Biomedical Writing

Medical writers are experts in documentation and medical and pharmaceutical content. USciences is the first institution to award the master of science in biomedical writing, plus certificates in biomedical writing. The program teaches techniques to convert medical data into documents for general and professional audiences in government agencies, medical societies and pharmaceutical companies, among others. Students and faculty publish articles on any subject that relates to our mission of nurturing a dialog between pharmaceutical industry professionals.

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