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2009-2010 Student Handbook 
2009-2010 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

2009-2010 Student Handbook


Possible changes: As the educational process from admission through graduation requires continuing review and appropriate approval by the university, the divisions of this Handbook are to be considered directive in character. The University, therefore, reserves the right to change its rules, regulations, requirements for admission or graduation, or course offerings at any time.

The information in this book was the best available at press time.  Watch for additional information and changes.

Dear USP Student:

Welcome, and thank you for choosing to join the community of learners at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia! As a student member of the University community, you are following in the tradition of many healthcare professionals who can be found among the top leaders of the world within the science and healthcare arenas.

During your educational experience, I encourage you to explore all that USP has to offer. To assist you in achieving your personal and professional goals, you are invited to fully utilize the many programs, activities, and services available through the Division of Student Affairs. Many departments and functional units make up the Division, including: Academic Advising, Campus Recreation, Career Services, Center for Community Connections, Greek Life, Multicultural Affairs, Residence Life, Student Academic Support Services, Student Activities, Student Conduct, Student Health and Counseling, Student Life, and the Dean of Students.

This Student Handbook is designed to acquaint you with the information you will need to effectively navigate all of the resources that are available to you on campus. Also included in the contents of this Handbook are policies and procedures that are required reading for all USP students. As a member of USP, you are now also a citizen with rights and responsibilities to continue the viability of your new community. You are therefore obligated to adhere to and practice the policies and procedures outlined for all USP students, as well as find meaningful ways in which you can continue to strengthen the community where you will live, learn, and work.

Finally, the University is a diverse environment comprised of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures; yet in one very important aspect all students are similar—each student attending USP has hopes and aspirations for the future. At USP, we value each student for his or her individual contribution to the richness of this learning environment, and it is our hope for all students to use this opportunity at USP to learn from one another about each other.

The Division of Student Affairs is housed on the first floor of Whitecar Hall. Stop in or call them at 215.596.8950. I look forward to getting to know you over the next several years. Best wishes for a bright future.


William G. Cunningham, PhD
Dean of Students

Dear USP Student:

Welcome to the University of the Sciences; you have made a great choice! Our University has a long tradition of excellence in science and healthcare. By the time you have graduated, you will be well prepared for a long and successful career in your chosen field. The decisions and choices you make now will shape the rest of your life.

Coming to USP will provide you with many new freedoms and opportunities, which at first may seem challenging. Don’t worry; you will master these challenges through either trial and error or from the advice given by one of the many talented employees of the University. Another great resource of information is this Student Handbook, which outlines all the policies and guidelines that you are expected to know and respect. When everyone works together and follows the policies outlined in the Handbook, everyone can achieve a greater level of success and enjoyment. That will make our University a better community in which to live, learn, and play.

Besides having all the things you have to know about the University, there are many useful facts including everything you could ever want to know about any student service – such as the location and a brief description. There is also information about organizations and other campus life activities for the whole year. Be sure to review and find those organizations, activities, and sports you may want to participate in, for your enrichment as well as the University’s. The Handbook even has an entire section devoted to Philadelphia, which has very good information on the local businesses, traveling around the city, and the many places to see and things to do. This Handbook will serve you well if you read it and know what great information it holds.

I look forward to seeing you on campus and hope you’ll choose to be involved. Working together we can make everyone’s college experience the very best it can be!


Allen Whisler
Student Government Association

Cancellation of Classes Policy

In the event of severe weather or other emergency, information regarding cancellation of classes at USP will be available through the following methods:

  • Radio and TV – Information will be broadcast by number on KYW Newsradio (1060 AM) and by name on WTXF Fox TV-29. The broadcast number assigned to the University is 117 for cancellation of day classes and 2117 for cancellation of evening classes
  • Internet
  • Telephone
    • Call KYW Newsradio at 215.224.1060 (automated)
    • Call the University’s Severe Weather Hotline at 215.596.USIP (8747) 
  • USP Emergency Notification System – Students, faculty, and staff who subscribe to this system will receive updates and campus-wide alerts about emergency situations or inclement weather conditions on users’ cell phones, PDAs, and e-mail. (For more information on this system, see Security  in the Student Services section of this Student Handbook.)