May 20, 2022  
2009-2010 Student Handbook 
2009-2010 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Campus Buildings

University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
Campus Buildings

Abbreviation Building Name
AA, AB or AC Alexandria/Student Housing (3 buildings)
AH or GYM Alumni Hall/Rosenberger Auditorium (old Gym)
ARC Athletic Recreation Center
EAS East Building (Annex)
FOC or 4100 4100 Chester Avenue
FOR or 4140 4140 Woodland Avenue Building
FOW or 4101 4101 Woodland Avenue (Mayes College)
GLS Glasser Hall
GO Goodman Hall
GRI or GH Griffith Hall
GU Gunter Hall/Student Housing (Building A)
GUN Gunter Hall/Student Housing (Building B)
KH Kline Hall
LIB J.W. England Library
MCN Robert McNeil Graduate Study and Research Center
OS Osol Hall
PTC or PT Pharmacology/Toxicology Center
RH Rosenberger Hall
STC McNeil Science and Technology Center
WDL or 4500 4500 Woodland Avenue Building
WH Whitecar Hall
WI Wilson Student Center/Wilson Hall