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2009-2010 University Catalog 
2009-2010 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Life

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Academic Affairs

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Deans’ Offices

The educational experience of students consists of both academic efforts in the classroom and developmental opportunities through Student Affairs. The academic deans and the dean of students provide the leadership through their respective colleges and division toward an optimum educational experience for students.

The offices of the dean of Misher College of Arts and Sciences, dean of Samson College of Health Sciences, dean of Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, and dean of Mayes College of Healthcare Business and Policy provide information and direction concerning academic and related matters such as course assignments, approval for summer courses, and information and applications pertaining to selected advanced degree programs and admissions tests. All student academic matters are channeled through these offices, which also issue a list of those students attaining sufficient academic averages to qualify for the Dean’s List.

The dean of students provides the leadership and administrative direction to the departments within the Division of Student Affairs, which include Campus Recreation, Career Services, Student Life, Multicultural Affairs, Offices of Student Conduct and Student Engagement, Disability Services, Student Health and Counseling (SHAC), Greek Life, Residence Life, Off-Campus Living, International Student Advising, Student Academic Support Services (SASS), and Student Activities. The division seeks to enrich the quality of student life and support the academic mission by helping to establish and enforce the community standards of the University and by responding to the concerns of students, faculty, staff, parents, and the community pertaining to student life at the University.

The dean of students also serves as a central point of contact for students experiencing obstacles to achieving their educational objectives. The dean of students’ office works in conjunction with offices across the campus and is responsible for the coordination and supervision of services, programs, and activities in support of student development.

Student Affairs

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Academic Advising


All students are assigned individual academic advisors who are either faculty members or professional academic advisors. Academic advisors assist students in developing appropriate educational plans and accessing campus resources and provide information regarding policies and procedures. The Department of Academic Advising is available to assist all students with questions and concerns.

Academic Accomodations

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USP supports the educational endeavors of all its students. If a student believes that he/she has a condition that may impare his/her ability to fulfill any degree requirements, or other educational endeavors, and would like more information on applying for an accommodation, please contact the Director of the Office of Academic Accomodations at 215.596.7480. To learn more about USP’s policy, see the General Information and University Policies section of the Student Handbook.

Multicultural Affairs and International Student Services

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Multicultural competency is both an opportunity and an expectation at USP. Being conscious of learned assumptions (e.g., stereotypes and biases) is only the beginning of this developmental process. Acquiring accurate information about cultures other than our own and developing skills for interacting with persons who are diverse help us all in our ongoing multicultural development. Our goal in Multicultural Affairs is to create an environment that fosters learning as well as an appreciation of, and respect for, diverse individuals. “Diversity” at USP embodies the recognition of human similarities and differences. Our commitment to diversity understands that each person is unique and recognizes the individual similarities and differences through learning and exploration in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment. In doing so, USP strives to move beyond tolerance and, instead, understand and respect the dimensions of diversity contained in each individual. We believe this is fundamental to the success and growth of the USP community.

Students from foreign countries are provided assistance in maintaining compliance with U.S. federal regulations related to F-1 non-immigration status. The director of Multicultural Affairs is available by appointment. Contact 215.596.8890.

Greek Life

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USP has 13 Greek organizations that include academic, social, service, and professional groups. These organizations offer friendship and camaraderie through brotherhood and sisterhood, leadership opportunities, philanthropic work, scholastic support, and encouragement.

Residence Life

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An important aspect of University life is learning to live with others. Residents have the opportunity to meet/live with students from other ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Professional staff members, along with resident advisors, live in the residence halls and have a vital role in creating an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming to all. The staff plays a major part in developing this atmosphere by providing activities and services that create a sense of community and acceptance among its residents. Our five residence halls, Alexandria, Goodman, Gunter, Osol, and Wilson have been designed and furnished to meet these goals.

Leadership Development

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The Department of Student Life is committed to our student leaders and their development. We have many programs and services to enhance our leaders’ and students’ abilities throughout the college experience.

Leadership services include:

  • The Collegiate Leadership Conference
  • Emerging Leader Workshop Series
  • USP Leadership Institute
  • Individual and Group Consultation
    • This service is available to all groups and student leaders needing guidance and direction on specific leadership issues.
  • The USP Leadership Library
    • This is a collection of materials designed to assist students and organizations with specific issues and topics; the materials include activities, books, and guides on topics such as ethics, multiculturalism, leadership, and time management. Please stop by and see what the Leadership Library has to offer.

Off-Campus Housing

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For students seeking off-campus housing, the Department of Student Life has specifically designed resources to help members of the USP community successfully transition into becoming part of the Greater West Philadelphia Community. It is our expectation that students moving off campus into the local community exercise civic responsibility and sound judgment as members of a neighborhood. Additionally, we strive to ensure students living off campus are still connected and able to be active members of the USP campus community.

Off-campus housing resources include:

  • Moving Off Campus Community Guide
  • Individual consultations
  • Website with a searchable database of local property listings
  • Off-campus workshop series

Student Health and Counseling (SHAC)

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The Department of Student Health and Counseling offers a broad array of services and programs designed to support the successful academic, professional, and personal functioning of our student body via the provision of consistently high quality healthcare.  Our health promotion and clinical interventions are noteworthy for their breadth and depth, for their grounding in professional “best practices,” and for the powerful results obtained.

For more detailed information regarding our continuum of care, visit the SHAC website at: www.usp.edu/shac.

Student Health Services

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Services provided by Student Health Services include treatment for acute illnesses and injuries, consultations on health-related problems, allergy injections, and referrals to specialists or other health facilities when needed. All visits are confidential.

Emergency healthcare required outside the regular consulting hours may be obtained at the emergency room of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, 3400 Spruce Street. All expenses incurred by night or emergency care, confining illness, consultations, or hospitalizations are the responsibility of the student.

Student Health Services is staffed by a full-time registered nurse (RN), a part-time licensed practical nurse (LPN), and a part-time physician consultant, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. during the academic term (fall and spring semesters). The RN remains in attendance during summer sessions. Specific hours are subject to modification as necessary to best administer to the needs of our students as a whole.

All students are required to return the Medical History Questionnaire and Immunization Record, which should be completed by their family physician (as part of a comprehensive physical examination) prior to the student’s arrival on campus. Suggestions or comments from family physicians regarding athletic restrictions or other health problems should be indicated on the Medical History Questionnaire.

Counseling Services

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Students who wish to focus on issues affecting academic performance or who require assistance with concerns of an emotional nature can access the services of the Counseling Department. The Counseling Center is staffed by licensed doctoral-level psychologists, graduate counseling and psychology interns, and a consulting psychiatrist. Counseling services include individual counseling and consultation sessions designed to enhance personal development and to assist students in areas such as decision making, interpersonal relations, and academic stress and coping.

Student Health Insurance Program

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In the best interest of our students and as endorsed by the American College Health Association “Standards for College Student Health Insurance Programs,” the University requires every full-time undergraduate and graduate student to carry appropriate medical insurance coverage.  Students may be covered under their parents’, their guardians’, or their own policy or through the University-sponsored student health insurance plan. The University plan covers a broad range of healthcare expenses across a 12-month period, whether the student is at home or at the University.

Students who fail to waive out of or enroll in the University-sponsored plan in a timely fashion will be subject to a late fee and will have the cost of the University-sponsored health plan premium charged to their student account prior to the disbursement of any outstanding student loan or other financial aid balance. 

All International students are required to enroll in the University-sponsored plan in order to insure their timely access to quality healthcare, promote the continuity of their academic progression, and protect them from inordinate financial risks associated with catastrophic illness or injury.

Offices of Student Conduct and Student Engagement

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The Offices of Student Conduct and Student Engagement work to ensure students at the University understand the purpose of integrity, rights, and responsibilities with the USP community.

It is the mission of the Office of Student Engagement to provide a proactive approach to fostering civility and responsibility in the USP community. This mission is fulfilled through presentations on ethics, workshops on peer mediation or conflict resolution, and individualized consultation to provide student advocacy. Students are encouraged to seek out these opportunities by contacting the assistant dean of students who is located in Whitecar Hall in the Student Affairs Complex.

The Office of Student Conduct coordinates the USP conduct system, which fosters an environment that contributes to the mission and goals of the University by holding these standards at the center of all our activities. The system will allow students to explore their actions in a safe environment without any preconceptions and with dignity, fairness, and respect. If found responsible, the individuals involved will work with the student to prevent the action from recurring, to explore the cause of the action, and to address any underlying challenges or concerns. The aim is to facilitate the necessary personal and professional development of students, so that they demonstrate academic, personal, and professional behavior of the highest integrity while a member of USP and beyond as citizens. If you believe a student has violated the Student Conduct Policy or if you have questions regarding the policy, please contact the assistant dean of students, who serves as the conduct officer.

Student Academic Support Services (SASS)

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University of the Sciences in Philadelphia offers a wide range of services to help you improve your skills as a student and become a successful, independent learner.

We work with faculty and other student support staff to ensure that you receive the best help we can offer.

All of our academic support services are free for matriculating undergraduate students.

Our services include:

  • College Learning and Study Strategies (CLASS)
  • Group Tutoring
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI)

We also house several unique academic program opportunities:

  • Preparation, Retention, and Enrichment Program (PREP)
  • Summer Bridge

The Student Academic Success Center is located in 344 Griffith Hall and is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Our tutoring services are offered year-round and are available for most courses offered at the University.

Peer tutoring is led by undergraduate students who meet the following criteria

  • Earned B+ or better in the specific course
  • Current overall GPA of 3.0 or better
  • In good standing at the University

Professional tutoring is available for most courses that have a high volume of requests (e.g., Math Analysis, Biology, Pharmacology). These tutors are professionals who possess an earned doctorate degree and either have taught the course or who are currently teaching the course.

Supplemental Instruction classes are led by undergraduate or graduate students who have earned a B+ or greater in the course and currently have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Study Strategies are offered throughout the semester on a variety of topics such as test taking, note taking, time management, test anxiety etc.

Campus Recreation

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The mission of the Department of Campus Recreation is to create value-added experiences for the University community’s growth and development by encouraging involvement in recreational opportunities that will enhance leadership skills, teamwork abilities, and the physical well-being of all participants. The department offers a rich variety of recreation initiatives, from a thriving intramural program (flag football, basketball, soccer, badminton, and more) to the latest group fitness activities (kickboxing, spinning, yoga, boot camp, extreme abs, and more) to traditional training equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals, weight machines, and free weights. For more detailed information please check out www.usp.edu/LifeatUsp/arc.

Student Organizations

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Several professional and scientific organizations maintain chapters at the University: the American Medical Student Association, the American Institute of Biological Sciences (Student Chapter), the American Chemical Society (Student Affiliate Chapter), the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (Student Chapter), the Mathematical Association of America (Student Chapter), the National Community Pharmacists Association, the American Pharmacists Association, Academy of Student Pharmacists, the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (Student Chapter), the Pennsylvania Society of Health-System Pharmacists/American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (Student Chapter), the American Physical Therapy Association, Phi Lambda Sigma,  and the Student National Pharmaceutical Association.

Several groups are specific to USP: the Student Society of Medical Technology, the Student Occupational Therapy Association, the Pharmaceutical Marketing & Management Club, the Pharmaceutical Sciences Club, the Psychology Student Association, the Pre-Medical Society, the Physician Assistant Club, and the Tox Club.

Several honor societies are represented at the University: Alpha Chi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Lambda Upsilon, and Psi Chi National Honor Society.

Career Services

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The Careers Services Department is under the Division of Student Affairs and provides students and alumni with career planning and placement assistance.

The Career Services Department is located in the 4140 Woodland Avenue Building with the following services:

  • Annual etiquette demonstration and reception
  • Annual fall career fair
  • Annual senior survey
  • Annual senior pharmacy interview day
  • Annual spring science career fair
  • Career assessment instruments, including the Myers-Briggs and Strong Interest Inventory
  • Career counseling
  • Career planning seminars
  • Career resource materials
  • Electronic job board at www.collegecentral.com/uspcareers
  • Employer presentations
  • Graduate school information and application assistance
  • Information and assistance with resume writing and cover letters
  • Information on job trends, salaries, and occupational outlooks
  • Internship, part-time, and full-time job listings
  • Job search skills

The USP Career Services Department works in concert with the University’s faculty and staff to provide career planning and placement assistance services to all USP students and alumni. An electronic job board, USP Careers, allows employers to list internships and part-time and full-time career opportunities. The system also permits direct-hire employers to download the resumes of those students and alumni who are registered in the system. Additionally, the system allows registered students and alumni to be contacted about various career-related events both on and off campus. Another program provides networking with alumni through a series of USP alumni career panels to allow undergraduates to meet and learn more about the many career fields in which USP alumni are working. The senior survey provides a listing of where new graduates are employed and/or attending graduate and professional school. The department prides itself in providing individual service to each and every USP student and/or alumni who utilizes the department. All students are encouraged to begin working with the USP Career Services Department soon after entering the University.

Dining Services

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Dining Services, located on the first floor of the Wilson Student Center, is operated by Sodexo, with a focus on providing fresh nutritious meals and excellent customer services for our students, faculty, and staff. In addition to providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Sodexo also provides catering services for the entire University community.

The Wilson Dining Hall facility provides seating for more than 500 with two distinct types of service. The main dining hall offers cafeteria-style dining that features an àl a carte weekday breakfast and lunch service, an evening all-you-care-to-eat dinner service, and a weekend all-you-care-to-eat brunch and dinner service.

The Wilson Dining Hall features a variety of dining concepts that may be changed periodically to enhance the dining experience. Some of the featured concepts are:

  • saladFX offers an abundance of the finest and freshest ingredients to create a customized salad masterpiece. Get your salad in a bowl or tortilla wrap, or try our new flatbread salads.
  • Flame features Philly cheese steak, buffalo wings, double cheese burgers, and vegetarian options like veggie riblets that are among the favorites.
  • Traditions is traditional home-style comfort foods prepared fresh daily to rekindle memories of good old-fashioned home cooking.
  • Bamboodles offers a wide variety of made-to-order noodle and pasta dishes called ―noodle‖ bowls. The menu offerings include sweet hot asian noodle bowl, south western noodle, pad thai noodle bowl, and the basic, noodles with butter.
  • The Ultimate Deli features a menu of distinctive premade sandwiches, or you may ask to have your favorite sandwich made just the way you like it.
  • Southern Tsunami offers a selection of freshly prepared sushi for dining in, or enjoy one of the featured selections from the Grab & Go case if you are on a tight schedule.
  • Simply To Go provides healthy meal solutions for guests in a hurry. The grab-and-go menu features quality sandwiches, salads, desserts, and hot microwaveable meals.

If you are not able to get to the Wilson Dining Hall, you can visit one of the retail food service locations on campus.

  • Wilson Express featuring a selection of freshly made pizza, sandwiches, and Grab & Go items.
  • The Coffee Lab located in the McNeil Technology Center features Sodexo’s ethical coffee and tea brand, pastries, and Grab & Go items.
  • Cappuccino’s located in Whitecar Hall offers a selection of coffee and Grab & Go items.

There are several meal plans; the two most popular are the 9 all-you-care-to-eat meals per week with a $575 declining balance per semester, or the 6 all-you-care-to-eat meals per week with a $725 declining balance per semester. A dining service specialist is available to assist you in selecting the plan that best meets your needs or to discuss other options such as our commuter plan. For additional information, visit the dining service website at USP homepage at www.usp.edu.


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The bookstore, operated by Barnes & Noble Bookstores, is temporarily located on the first floor of Alumni Hall while the new store in being built. The bookstore sells textbooks, lab kits, reference materials, computer supplies, and miscellaneous supplies required for college work. In addition, the bookstore sells a wide variety of campus clothing, gift items, greeting cards, sundries, magazines, newspapers, and SEPTA tokens. Merchandise is also available online under bookstore on the USP homepage or at www.uspbookstore.bncollege.com.

Transit Service

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The University contracts with the University of Pennsylvania transit service to provide shuttle and bus services during the evening within the community and surrounding neighborhoods. Information outlining the transit schedule and route information is available online at www.usp.edu/LifeAtUSP/PublicSaftety/ transportation.aspx or the Penn Transit Service website at www.business-services.upenn.edu/transportation

Student Activities

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Athletic Facilities

The University encourages participation in athletics and recreation. The Athletic/Recreation Center (ARC) was officially opened in August 2004. It features an 1,100-seat basketball arena and a recreation gymnasium, locker rooms, an indoor track; a swimming pool, meeting rooms, Athletic Department and Campus Recreation offices, and an aerobics and fitness center, featuring a full line of cardiovascular and strength-training equipment. This facility is open to all students. The McNeil Athletic Fields include a jogging track, a women’s softball field, and tennis courts.

Intercollegiate Varsity Sports

The University provides a balanced and well-organized athletic program, offering competition in 12 intercollegiate varsity sports. These teams compete against many Philadelphia-area colleges as well as colleges from New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Connecticut .

The University is an active Division II member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Our teams currently compete in the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference (CACC) and the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC). The Rifle teams hold membership in the Mid Atlantic Rifle Conference (MAC) and National Rifle Association (NRA). USP’s commitment to the athletic program permits our athletes to compete and be recognized regionally and nationally.

USP offers the following sports:

Men’s Cross Country
Women’s Cross Country
Women’s Tennis
Women’s Volleyball
Men’s Basketball
Women’s Basketball
Mixed Rifle
Women’s Rifle
Men’s Baseball
Coed Golf
Women’s Softball
Men’s Tennis

For more information on athletics, see the website at www.usp.edu/athletics.

A highly qualified coaching staff is committed to the development of the total student-athlete through a balance of excellence in both academics and athletics. Consequently, success has reached the University of the Sciences’ teams in the classroom, as well as on the courts and fields.

A departmental academic advisement and monitoring program helps the USP student-athletes earn recognition for academic and athletic achievement from regional and national organizations.

Student Government

Student government is composed of students representing every major in every year, all recognized student organizations, residence halls, and commuters.

The functions of the student government are described in full in the Student Handbook.

The Student Government serves as the principal communications channel between the students and the University administration on matters of concern to students. Its membership is comprised of the president, vice presidents, advisor to student government, committees of student government, and all class senators and representatives from other recognized student groups.


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