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2011-2012 University Catalog 
2011-2012 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pharmacognosy – MS and PhD

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Pharmacognosy Curricula

Pharmacognosy Core (all tracks)

  • Analytical Chemistry Graduate Course Credits: 3
  • CH XXX - Graduate Scientific Writing Credits: 3
    (See Footnote Below)

Total Pharmacognosy Core Requirement: 17

MS (thesis) Track

  • Pharmacognosy Core Credits: 17
  • Additional 700- or 800-level chemistry or biology courses (must be approved) Credits: 3

Total Requirement: 34

PhD Track

  • Pharmacognosy Core Credits: 17
  • Additional 700- or 800-level chemistry or biology courses (must be approved) Credits: 3

Total Requirement: 45


A 700- or 800-level chemistry course may be substituted for the required Graduate Scientific Writing course with approval of the student‘s advisor.

Faculty – Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Pharmacognosy*

James R. McKee
BS, PhD (Maryland)
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Director, Graduate Programs in Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Pharmacognosy
Phone: 215.596.8847
Research: chemistry of the trihalomethyl group: isonitrile antibiotics, sulfone and sulfonanilide antibiotics

Adeboye Adejare
BS, MS (Iowa); PhD (Ohio State)
Research Professor of Medicinal Chemistry
Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Phone: 215.596.8944
Research: mechanisms of neurodegeneration; drug targeting; pharmaceutical profiling; chemistry of fluoroaromatic compounds

Tilman Baumstark
MS, PhD (Heinrich Heine, Germany)
Research Associate Professor of Biochemistry
Phone: 215.596.7531
Research: RNA pathogens: positive strand RNA viruses, satellites, viroids; assembly of the viral replication complex role of RNA structure and RNA-protein interaction; yeast as a model system to study pathogen replication, recombination, and protein production and drug delivery

Catherine M. Bentzley
BS (St. Joseph’s); PhD (Delaware)
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Phone: 215.596.8581
Research: analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and oligonucleotides using matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry (MALDI); investigation of noncovalent interactions, e.g., peptide/protein complexing with DNA via electrospray ionization (ESI); the rates of enzymatic reactions, such as the digestion of peptides with carboxypeptidase Y, using MALDI and ESI

Edward R. Birnbaum
BS (Brooklyn College); MS, PhD (Illinois)
Professor of Chemistry
Phone: 215.596.8839
Research: calcium-binding proteins and peptides; the use of lanthanide ion luminescence to probe the structure of materials such as zeolites and high-temperature superconductors; spectroscopic properties and coordination chemistry of the lanthanide ions

Michael F. Bruist
BS (Stanford); PhD (Cornell)
Associate Professor of Biochemistry
Phone: 215.596.8530
Research: chemistry of DNA recombination reactions; protein-DNA interactions in site-specific recombination; local DNA strand alignment in the lambda integration reaction; DNA isomerizations that occur during recombination

Ara DerMarderosian
BS, MS (Massachusetts College of Pharmacy); PhD (Rhode Island)
Professor of Pharmacognosy
Research Professor of Medicinal Chemistry
Phone: 215.596.8915
Research: isolation and identification of bioactive substances from natural products; phytochemical evaluation of ethnobotanicals; analytical evaluation of nutraceuticals

Peter J. Harvison
BS (Carnegie Mellon); PhD (SUNY, Buffalo)
Research Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry
Phone: 215.596.8979
Research: in vitro and in vivo metabolism of drugs and chemicals; formation and disposition of toxic metabolites; structure-toxicity relationships; application of analytical techniques such as HPLC to metabolism studies

Zhijun Li
BS, MS (Tsinghua, China); PhD (Vanderbilt)
Research Asociate Professor of Biochemistry and Bioinformatics
Phone: 215.596.7539
Research: computational and bioinformatics methods used to generate and analyze three-dimensional structures of protein molecules, and to gain insight into protein sequence, structure and function relationships, by leveraging and combining a broad range of techniques to tackle biological problems in multiple dimensions

Charles N. McEwen
BS (College of William and Mary); MS (Atlanta University);
PhD (University of Virginia)
Houghton Professor of Chemistry
Phone: 215.596.8552
Research: mass spectrometry; development of new sampling techniques and probes to determine molecular mass of solids, especially of biological molecules

Preston B. Moore
BS (Bates); PhD (Boston)
Professor of Chemistry
Director, West Center for Computational Chemistry and Drug Design
Phone: 215.596.7537
Research: molecular interactions within biological systems; computational chemistry; molecular dynamics simulations

Guillermo Moyna
BS (Universidad de la República, Uruguay); PhD (Texas A&M)
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Director, NMR Facility
Phone: 215.596.8526
Research: biomolecular NMR spectroscopy; computational chemistry; computer-assisted rational drug design

Vojislava Pophristic
BS (Belgrade); PhD (Rutgers)
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chair, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Director, Center for Drug Design and Drug Delivery
Phone: 215.596.8551
Research: computational methods and their application to foldamers, metalloclusters, and small molecules

John R. Porter
BS (Pittsburgh State, Kansas); PhD (Montana)
Professor of Biology
Research Professor of Pharmacognosy
Director, Biology Graduate Programs
Phone: 215.596.8917
Research: production strategies for medicinal natural products through root cultures initiated by Agrobacterium rhizogenes inoculation; genome characterization of the plasmids of Agrobacterium rhizogenes for understanding of the plant-microbe interactions; isolation and characterization of naturally occurring cytotoxins and antimicrobial (antibacterial, antifungal) compounds

Alexander Sidorenko
MS (I. Franko Lviv State University, Ukraine); PhD (National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine)
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Phone: 215.596.8836
Research: design of novel nanostructured materials and biopolymers by applying micro/nanotemplated synthetic methods and self-organization phenomena to fabricate smart surfaces and devices for cellular biology applications in drug delivery, cell adhesion control, molecular electronics, magnetic/optical storage, smart optical devices, etc.

Julian W. Snow
BS (Washington); PhD (California, Santa Barbara)
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Phone: 215.596.8837
Research: thermodynamic properties of drug-red blood cell membrane interactions; thermodynamic properties of the interactions between serum apolipoproteins or model amphipathic helices with model lipid systems

Nathan M. West
BS, PhD (University of North Carolina)
Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Phone: 215.596.7251
Research: synthesis and mechanism of reaction of new organometallic and transition metal catalysts, which will be used to prepare both petrochemicals and fine chemicals; initially this will involve studies with palladium or rhodium catalysts for the carboxylation of C-H bonds

Rodney J. Wigent
BS, MS, PhD (Michigan Tech)
Professor of Chemistry
Dean, College of Graduate Studies
Phone: 215.596.8974
Research: thermodynamic properties of drug excipients; effect of water content on drug release; physical and thermodynamic properties of aqueous electrolyte solutions; environmental factors affecting DNA supercoiling and stability

Randy J. Zauhar
BS/BA (Eastern Washington); MS, PhD (Pennsylvania State)
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Director, Graduate Program in Bioinformatics
Phone: 215.596.8691
Research: computational chemistry; bioinformatics; design of inhibitors against HIV protease and other polymorphic targets; development of computational methods to determine solvation effects in biological molecules; computer-aided drug design

* More information about faculty research activities can be found at each faculty member’s web page.
† Research professors are members of the graduate faculty in other departments.

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