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2009-2010 University Catalog 
2009-2010 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pharmaceutics – Doctor of Philosophy

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The requirements for this degree are at least 20 credits of acceptable non-research graduate-level courses and at least 20 research credits. The courses are from the required and program courses listed below and from courses selected by the research advisor/research advisory committee. A minimum 6 credits of 800-level courses and the remainder at the 700 or 800 level are required. Registration (1 or 0 credits) and participation in PH 890 - Pharmaceutics Seminar is required each semester, but only one credit may be applied toward the 20 non-research credit requirement.


Only credits at the 700-level or above can be applied toward the degree. The 300–400 level credits are listed to aid determination of equivalent prerequisite courses and to plan course loads.

Program Courses

At least one course from the list below:

Faculty – Pharmaceutics

Clyde M. Ofner III
BS, PhD (Temple)
Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics
Director, Graduate Program in Pharmaceutics
Phone: 215.596.8881
E-mail: c.ofner@usp.edu
Research: natural polymer conjugates of drugs for cellular and tumor delivery; controlled drug release from proteinaceous microspheres

Adeboye Adejare
BS, MS (Iowa); PhD (Ohio State)
Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Chair, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Director, Graduate Program in Pharmacology and Toxicology
Phone: 215.596.8944
E-mail: a.adejar@usp.edu
Research: mechanisms of neurodegeneration; drug targeting; pharmaceutical profiling; chemistry of fluoroaromatic compounds

Bin Chen
BS, MS (Nanjing, China); PhD (Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium)
Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Phone: 215.596.7481
E-mail: b.chen@usp.edu
Research: effects and mechanisms of photodynamic tumor vascular targeting; synthesis and evaluation of novel optical molecular probes for tumor imaging and targeting.

Russell J. DiGate
BA, MS, PhD (University of Rochester)
Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Phone: 215.596.8805
E-mail: r.digate@usp.edu
Research: role of DNA helicases and topoisomerases in DNA metabolism; design and synthesis of novel antibiotics that target DNA topoisomerases

Anil P. D’mello
BPharm (Bombay); PhD (Pittsburgh)
Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Phone: 215.596.8941
E-mail: a.dmello@usp.edu
Research: prenatal stress, the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, and the origin of disease; effect of disease states on drug pharmacokinetics; microencapsulation of enzymes and cells for use as artificial organs

Pardeep K. Gupta
BPharm, MPharm (Panjab); MS (Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science); PhD (Wisconsin)
Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics
Phone: 215.895.1141
E-mail: p.gupta@usp.edu
Research: peptide and protein delivery systems; interaction of peptides and proteins with biomembranes

S. (Kamal) Jonnalagadda
BPharm (Birla, India); PhD (Nebraska)
Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics
Phone: 215.596.8942
E-mail: k.jonnal@usp.edu
Research: biomaterials; design of biodegradable delivery systems for macromolecules; physical characterization of biodegradable polymers

Zhiyu Li
BS (Nakai, China); MS (Science and Technology, China);
PhD (Maryland) 
Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Phone: 215.596.8943
E-mail: zh.li@usp.edu
Research: design and engineering protein-based carriers for drug formulation, targeting, and delivery; protein and nucleic acid drug delivery

Jeffery C. Moore
BS (Drexel)
Instructor in Pharmaceutics
Manager, Industrial Pharmacy Laboratory
Phone: 215.596.8987
E-mail: j.moore@usp.edu

Steven H. Neau
BS, BA (Eastern Michigan University);
MS, PhD (The University of Michigan)
Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Director, Industrial Pharmacy 
Phone: 215.596.8825
E-mail: s.neau@usp.edu
Research: formulation development; polymer use in formulations; physical chemistry applications in pharmacy; use of enzymes in prodrug synthesis

Roger L. Schnaare
BS (St. Louis College of Pharmacy); MS, PhD (Purdue)
Professor Emeritus of Pharmacy

Edwin T. Sugita
BS, MS, PhD (Purdue)
Professor Emeritus of Pharmacy

Rodney J. Wigent
BS, MS, PhD (Michigan Tech)
Research Professor of Pharmaceutics
Dean, College of Graduate Studies
Phone: 215.596.8974
E-mail: r.wigent@usp.edu
Research: thermodynamic properties of water and aqueous solutions; physical chemical properties and characterization of drug excipients; effect of drug binding on DNA topology


Adjunct Faculty

Arthur H. Goldberg
BS, MS (Columbia); PhD (Michigan)
Adjunct Professor of Pharmaceutics

Daniel J. Korey
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics

Dina Patel
Adjunct Research Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics

Aniruddha Railkar
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics

Denita A. Winstead
Bs (Temple); PhD (PCPS)
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics

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