May 24, 2019  
2017-2018 University Catalog 
2017-2018 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Behavioral and Social Sciences

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The mission of the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences is to provide our students with perspectives and tools to understand themselves and the society in which they live. 


Our goals in education are these:

  • To provide the best possible training for our psychology majors and graduate students.
  • To offer minor concentrations in communication, economics, medical anthropology, psychology, sociology, and social science for students pursuing majors from other departments.
  • To teach fundamental and interdisciplinary courses in anthropology, communication, economics, psychology, and sociology, as well as social science methods, perspectives, and global issues for all undergraduates.

Our students are taught to understand qualitative and quantitative research design, data collection techniques, and the means to analyze, evaluate, and interpret cognitive, behavioral, cultural, and social data. We also emphasize the concepts and skills required to communicate effectively in professional healthcare, community, and multicultural settings.


Elizabeth Amy Janke
BA (Villanova University); MSEd (University of Pennsylvania); PhD (Ohio University)
Associate Professor of Psychology
Interim Chair, Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Director, Health Psychology Graduate Program
Phone: 215.895.8517

Phyllis Blumberg
AB (Washington College); MA, PhD (University of Pittsburgh)
Professor of Psychology
Assistant Provost, Faculty Development and Director, Teaching and Learning Center
Phone: 215.895.1167


Ashley Brooke de Marchena 
BA (Tufts University); MA, PhD (University of Connecticut)
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Phone: 215.596.3138

Kenneth Leibowitz
BA (Rutgers University); MA (West Virginia University)
Assistant Professor of Communication
Phone: 215.596.8902

Alysson E. Light 
BA (Sarah Lawrence College); MA, PhD (University of Chicago)
Associate Professor of Psychology 
Phone: 215.596.8564

Stephen T. Moelter
BS (Pennsylvania State University); MS, PhD (Drexel University)
Associate Professor of Psychology
Director, Undergraduate Program in Psychology and Director, Honors Program
Phone: 215.596.7534

Cathleen T. Moore
BA (Rutgers University); MEd, EdD (Temple University)
Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Vinaya Rajan 
BS (College of New Jersey); MS, PhD (Virginia Polytechnic Institute)
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Phone: 215.596.8588

Michelle L. Ramirez
BS (San Francisco State University); MPH (Portland State University); MA, PhD (University of Iowa)
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Phone: 215.596.8548

Joseph W. Ruane
BA (St. Charles Borromeo Seminary); MA (Temple University); PhD (University of Delaware)
Professor Emeritus of Sociology and of Health Policy and Public Health

Jessica M. Sautter
BA (College of New Jersey); MA, PhD (Duke University)
Assistant Professor of Medical Sociology
Phone: 215.895.1136

Adjunct Faculty

Maria Brown
BA (Temple University); MA (Bryn Mawr College)
Adjunct Instructor in Sociology

Thomas F. Burke
BA, MA (Villanova University); PhD (Temple University)
Adjunct Professor of Economics

Remo Chiatti
BA, MA (Studio Filosofico, Italy); PhD Anthropology (University of Pennsylvania); PhD Sociology (Gregoriana University)
Adjunct Professor of Sociology

Kathleen Connor
BS (St. Joseph’s University); MS (Villanova University); PhD (University of Pennsylvania)
Adjunct Professor of Psychology

Michelle M. Dooley
BA (Syracuse University); MA (Columbia University)
Adjunct Instructor in Sociology

Brian M. Green
BS (Southwest Missouri State University); MS (University of Kansas); PhD Candidate (University of Delaware)
Adjunct Instructor in Sociology

Richard N. Harner
BA, BS, MD (University of Minnesota)
Adjunct Professor of Neuroscience

Roland Lamb
BS (Lincoln University); MA (University of Phoenix) 
Adjunct Instructor in Sociology

Brad May
BA (Bard College); MA (The New School, NY); PhD (United States International University)
Adjunct Professor of Psychology and Communication

Thomas W. Summers
BS (Eastern College); MDiv (Princeton Theological Seminary)
Adjunct Instructor in Sociology

Paul Viggiano
BA (Villanova University); MA (Temple University)
Adjunct Instructor in Communication

Charles F. Volz
BA, MA (Villanova University); JD (Rutgers University School of Law)
Adjunct Professor of Sociology

Affiliated Faculty in Other Departments

Ross Radish, Student Affairs


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