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2011-2012 University Catalog 
2011-2012 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics

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The mission of the Department of Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics is as follows:


  • Provide a major program in physics.
  • Facilitate the development of the students’ higher order thinking abilities in the disciplines of mathematics, physics, and statistics.
  • Provide excellent instruction in mathematics, physics, and statistics for all majors.
  • Provide minors programs in the disciplines of the department.
  • Provide interdisciplinary programs in collaboration with other departments.
  • Provide USciences graduate students and faculty of other departments with expertise in mathematics, physics, and statistics to support their research and teaching.
  • House the computer science major and minor.


  • Conduct research and scholarly work in mathematics, physics and statistics for the purpose of advancing knowledge.
  • Provide opportunities for students to engage in undergraduate and graduate research.


  • Provide service and expert consultation to USciences students and faculty, appropriate professional organizations, committees, and the community.
  • Participate in the life of the University through work on institutional, divisional, and departmental committees.
  • Develop activities on campus designed to foster an appreciation for and understanding of mathematics, physics, and statistics.


Elia V. Eschenazi
Doctor of Physics (Honors) (Universitá degli Studi Milano, Italy); PhD (Drexel)
Professor of Physics
Chair, Department of Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics
Phone: 215.596.8707
E-mail: e.eschen@usciences.edu

Salar Y. Alsardary
BS (Sulaimania); MS (Mosul); MA, PhD (West Virginia)
Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 215.596.8761
E-mail: s.alsard@usciences.edu

Tarlok S. Aurora
BS, MS (Bombay); PhD (Arkansas)
Professor of Physics
Phone: 215.596.8911
E-mail: t.aurora@usciences.edu

Barbara Bendl
BA (Seton Hill); MEd (Arcadia University)
Lecturer in Mathematics
Phone: 215.895.1120
E-mail: b.bendl@usciences.edu

Bernard J. Brunner
BS (Wheeling Jesuit); MS, PhD (Ohio State)
Associate Professor of Physics
Phone: 215.596.8898
E-mail: b.brunne@usciences.edu

Ping Yuan Cunliffe
BS (Shanghai Normal); MA (Wesleyan); MS (Alfred)
Lecturer in Physics
Laboratory Manager
Phone: 215.596.8591
E-mail: p.cunlif@usciences.edu

Sergio Freire
BS (PUC University, Brazil); MSc, PhD (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil)
Assistant Professor of Physics
Phone: 215.596.8958
E-mail: s.freire@usciences.edu

Paul Halpern
BA (Temple); MA, PhD (SUNY Stony Brook)
Professor of Physics
Phone: 215.596.8913
E-mail: p.halper@usciences.edu

Amy Kimchuk
BS (Gwynedd-Mercy); MA (Villanova)
Lecturer in Mathematics
Phone: 215.596.8705
E-mail: a.kimchu@usciences.edu

Dorjderem Nyamjav
BS (National University of Mongolia); PhD (Purdue)
Assistant Professor of Physics
Phone: 215.596.8546
E-mail: d.nyamjav@usciences.edu

Charalampos Papachristou
BS (Aristotle University, Greece); PhD (Ohio State University)
Assistant Professor of Statistics
Phone: 215.596.7615
E-mail: c.papachristou@usciences.edu

Laura Pontiggia
Doctor of Economics (Honors – Universitá di Pavia, Italy); MS, PhD (University of Minnesota)
Associate Professor of Statistics
Phone: 215.596.8914
E-mail: l.pontig@usciences.edu

Edward Reimers
BA (LaSalle); MA (SUNY Binghamton)
Instructor in Mathematics and Statistics
Phone: 215.596.8822
E-mail: e.reimer@usciences.edu

Durai Sabapathi
BA, MS, MPhil (University of Madras, India); PhD (Temple University)
Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Statistics
E-mail: d.sabapa@usciences.edu

Bo Sun
BS (Wuhan University, China); MS (Lamar University); PhD (Old Dominion University)
Assistant Professor of Computer Sciences
Phone: 215.895.3138
E-mail: b.sun@usciences.edu

Lia Vas
BSc (University of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia); PhD (Univ of Maryland, College Park)
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 215.596.8547
E-mail: l.vas@usciences.edu

Carl Walasek
BS (University of Illinois, Urbana); MS (DePaul University)
Instructor in Statistics
Phone: 215.596.8796
E-mail: c.walase@usciences.edu 

Research and Adjunct Faculty

Tilman Baumstark
MS, PhD (Heinrich-Heine University, Germany)
Research Associate Professor of Biophysics
Associate Professor of Biology
Phone: 215.596.7531
E-mail: t.baumst@usciences.edu

Phyllis Blumberg
AB (Washington College); MA, PhD (University of Pittsburgh)
Research Professor in Education
Professor of Psychology
Director, Teaching and Learning Center
Phone: 215.895.1167
E-mail: p.blumbe@usciences.edu

Zhijun  Li
BS, MS (Tsinghua, China); PhD (Vanderbilt)
Research Assistant Professor of Biophysics
Associate Professor of Bioinformatics  
Phone: 215.596.7539
E-mail: z.li@usciences.edu

Branimir Vasilic
BSc (University of Belgrade);
MS, PhD (University of Maryland, College Park)
Phone: 215.985.9173

Randy J. Zauhar
BS/BA (Eastern Washington);
MS, PhD (Penn State)
Research Associate Professor of Biophysics
Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Director, Graduate Program in Bioinformatics
Phone: 215.596.8691
E-mail: r.zauhar@usciences.edu

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