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2006-2007 Student Handbook 
2006-2007 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Officers of the University

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Philip P. Gerbino, PharmD

Elizabeth Bressi-Stoppe, AS
Secretary and Vice President

Gary F. Raisl, EdD
Treasurer and Vice President

Barbara J. Byrne, BA, MA, PhD
Vice President


2006-2007 Board of Trustees

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Delbert S. Payne, MS
Chairman of the Board

Marvin Samson, BS
Vice Chairman of the Board

Norman D. Alworth, BS, MBA
Schumarry H. Chao, MD, MBA
Lonnel Coats, BS
Elizabeth A. Corsi, BS, MBA, PharmD
Tiziana M. Fox, BS, PharmD
Janice A. Gaska, BS, PharmD
Alex Gorsky, MBA

Barry Grossbach, MA, PhD
George V. Hagar, Jr., BA, MBA
Dan J. Halberstadt, BS
David E. Loder, BA, JD, LLM
Kevin Lokay, BA, MBA
Joseph M. Mahady, MBA
Kathleen R. Mayes, PharmD
Edgardo A. Mercadante, BS, RPh
Kenneth Murtha, BS
Patrick Oates, BS, PhD
Joseph Papa, BS, MS
Donald J. M. Phillips, BS, PharmD
Col. S. Roger Wetherill III, MS

Gail R. Wilensky, PhD

Administrative Staff

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(As of July 1, 2006)


PRESIDENT                                                                                                         Philip P. Gerbino, PharmD 

                  Assistant to the President                                         Colleen Lyle


   ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT/CHIEF OF STAFF                           Sara M. Gallagher, BA, MSW 

                  Director of Human Resources                                      Susan P. Rohanna, BS


                                    Assistant Director, Human Resources        Christine M. Gradel, BS

                                    Assistant Director, Human Resources        Katherine Shilenok-Wright, BS



    FOUNDATION RELATIONS                                                          Susan E. Barrett, MEd 

                  Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations                Shawn Farrell, BA



    SPECIAL PROJECTS                                                                   Anthony McCague, BA 

                  Director of Meetings and Event Planning                       Maggie Devine-Pennock, CMP



    AFFAIRS                                                                                   Elizabeth Bressi-Stoppe, AS                 


           GOVERNMENT RELATIONS                                                     Mary Kate McGinty, RPh 


          MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS                                            Carolyn Vivaldi, BA


                                    Creative Director                                             Angela Buchanico, BFA 

                                    Assistant Director, Public Relations           Brian Kirschner, BA, MA 

                  Director of Institutional Research                                Anne B. Horowitz, MS, MBA 


    VICE PRESIDENT FOR ACADEMIC AFFAIRS                                   Barbara J. Byrne, PhD 

                  Assistant to the Vice President                                   June Meyers



             ACADEMIC AFFAIRS                                                        Margaret R. Kasschau, PhD 

                      Assistant Dean of Retention &

                      Academic Advising                                                   Suzanne M. Trump, M.Div,  MA,


                       Director of Assessment                                            Peter Miller, PhD 

                       Director, Teaching and Learning Center                      Phyllis Blumberg, PhD 

                       Registrar                                                                 Alan Sims, BA, MS 

                                     Associate Registrar                                   Ellen Carlson, BS 

                                     Assistant Registrar                                    Ed Addis 


                  Dean, Misher College of Arts & Sciences                             C. Reynold Verret, PhD 

                      Associate Dean                                                               Suzanne Murphy, PhD                         


                            Director, Undergraduate Bioinformatics

                            Program                                                             James Pierce, PhD 

                            Director, Writing Center                                        Justin Everett, PhD


                       Chair, Department of Biological Sciences                            William R. Law, BA, PhD 

                            Director, Environmental Science                                Kevin Wolbach, MS

                            Director, Teacher Certification Program                      Lois Peck, EdD


                       Chair, Department of Chemistry and

                       Biochemistry                                                                  Edward R. Birnbaum, PhD 

                       Chair, Department of Humanities                                        Robert F. Boughner, AB, MS, PhD


                      Chair, Department of Mathematics, Physics

                      and Computer Sciences                                                     Elia Eschenazi, PhD          

                      Chair, Department of Physical Education                             Paul E. Klimitas, BS, MED 

                      Chair, Department of Social Sciences                                 Claudia Fishman Parvanta, BA, MA,



                      Chair, Information Science; Director, Library

                      and  Information Service                                                    Mignon S. Adams, MSLS

                Dean, College of Graduate Studies                                               Rodney J. Wigent, Ph


                Associate Dean, College of Graduate Studies                                 Shanaz Tejani-Butt, PhD

                    Associate Dean, College of Graduate Studies                              John E. Connors, PharmD

                   Director, Biochemistry, Chemistry &

                        Pharmacognosy Graduate Programs                                  James McKee, PhD                                                                                

                        Director, Bioinformatics Graduate Program                         James Pierce, PhD


                        Director, Biomedical Writing Graduate Program                   Susanna J. Dodgson, PhD 

                        Director, Cell Biology & Biotechnology

                        Graduate Program                                                          John Porter, PhD 

                        Director, Health Policy Graduate Program                           Robert I. Field, JD, PhD 

                       Director, Health Psychology Graduate Program                    Ralph Turner, PhD                                   

                       Director, Pharmaceutics Graduate Program                         Clyde Ofner, PhD 

                       Director, Pharmaceutical Marketing and Health Care

                       Business Graduate Program                                             Bruce Rosenthal, MBA 

                       Director, Pharmacology & Toxicology

                       Graduate Program                                                          Adeboye Adejare, PhD 

                       Director, Pharmacy Administration Graduate

                       Program                                                                         William McGhan, PhD





                  Founding Executive Director                                                   Richard G. Steffanacci, DO, MGH,                                                      MBA, AGSF, CMD


            Dean, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy                                          Russell J. DiGate, PhD

                  Associate Dean                                                                      Lisa A. Lawson, PharmD

                  Associate Dean for Academic Afairs in Pharmacy                            Robert A. Kerr, PhD

                 Assistant Dean, Student Development                                         William Cunningham, MA, MLit

                     Director, Pharmacy Student Advising                                     Patricia J. Acton, MEd

              Chair, Department of Pharmacy Practice/

                   Pharmacy Administration                                                       Andrew M. Peterson, BS, PharmD 

                     Director, Clerkship Programs                                                Thomas C. Bernhardt, BS 

                    Director, Flexible Option Doctor of Pharmacy

                     Program                                                                          John C. Connors, PharmD 

                     Director, Experiential Resources                                          Anthony P. Sorrentino, PharmD    

                  Chair, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences                         Adeboye Adejare, PhD 

                      Director, BS Pharmaceutical Sciences Program                     Anil D’mello, PharmD 

                      Director, BS Pharmacology/Toxicology Program                     Diane Morel, PhD

                       Director, Industrial Pharmacy Research                                Joseph B. Schwartz, PhD. 

                   Chair, Pharmaceutical Marketing and Health Care

                   Business                                                                           Glenn Rosenthal, EdD, MBA, MA





                   Executive Director                                                                 Shawn P. Curtin 

                       Senior Director, Clinical Services and                                    Susan B. Connelly, PharmD

                       Continuing Education 

                       Senior Director, Strategic Business Solutions                         Beth Cavallaro, BS



            Dean, College of Health Sciences                                                       Ruth L. Schemm, EdD, OTR/L 

                   Chair, Department of Occupational Therapy                             Paula Kramer, PhD 

                   Chair, Department of Physical Therapy                                     Marc Campolo, PhD 

                       Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education                            Michele L. Mulhall, MS, PT, OCS

                     Chair, Department of Physician Assistant Studies                         John Cavenagh, MS, PA-C, PhD

                        Academic Coordinator of Physician Assistant

                       Studies                                                                                Janet DeSipio, MS, PA-C 

                       Director, Health Sciences Program                                            Laura Packel, MSPT 

                       Director, Medical Technology Program/Coordinator

                       Clinical Education                                                                 Margaret Reinhart, MT(ASCP),


                        Acting Director, Fitness and Health Management

                       Program                                                                             Theresa Dougherty, MEd 


               Dean of Students                                                                            Aminta Hawkins Breaux, PhD


                    Associate Dean/ Director of Multicultural Affairs                               Walter Perry, EdD 

                   Assistant Dean/Conduct Officer/Coordinator for

                    Disability Services                                                                     Barbara E. Little, MEd, MAHR                 

                      Director of Athletics                                                                 Robert C. Morgan, MEd 

                      Associate Director, Athletics/Chair, Department of

                      Physical Education                                                                    Paul E. Klimitas, MEd 

                      Director, Career Services                                                           Patricia Peterson, MEd 

                      Director, Center for Community Connections                               Elizabeth Gable, BA 

                      Director, Fitness and Wellness                                                   Theresa Dougherty, MEd 

                      Director, Student Academic Support Services                                Roxanne Evans, MA 

                      Director, Student Health and Counseling                                      Paul Furtaw, PsyD 

                      Assistant Director, Student Health and Counseling                        Bonnie Packer, RN 

                      Director, Student Life and Leadership Development                        Leonard Farber, MA



                Associate Dean, Enrollment Services                                                     Harry L. Siegel, MEd 

                     Director, Admission                                                                    Louis L. Hegyes, BS 

                     Assistant Director of Admissions and Financial Aid                          Daniel Hoy, BA 

                     Director, Enrollment Communication                                             Dianna L. Collins, MA



VICE PRESIDENT FOR FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION                                      Gary F. Raisl, MPhil, MBA,



                    Director of Budget                                                                         Anne McMahon, BA 

                    Director, Facilities Management                                                      Robert Jones, BS 

                    Assistant Director, Facilities Management                                        Elliott Russell



          SERVICES                                                                                              Eileen M. McGovern, BS 

                    Director, Dining Services                                                               Stephen Finch, FMP                                   

                    Assistant Director, Dining Services                                                  Jeffrey Lyons, BS 

                    Director, Public Safety and Security                                                  Stanley Crommarty, BA

                     Director, Environmental Safety                                                      Renee Siegel, MS


          CONTROLLER/ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT OF FINANCE                          Joseph G. Trainor, BS, CPA                                   

                Associate Controller                                                                          Brigid Isackman, MBA 

                    Director of Student Accounting Services                                            Martin B. Beckerman, BS 

                     Director, Financial Aid                                                                   Nicholas Flocco, MBA 

                    Associate Director, Financial Aid                                                       Marie Thomas, MSM



         INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY                                                                     Patrick J. Lepore, MS 

                    Director of Computing and Network Services                                     John Masciantonio, BS 

                    Assistant Director of Computing and Network Services                        Long Le 

                    Director for Database Management                                                   TBA 

                    Assistant Director for Database Management                                      Terry Park, BA

                     Assistant Director for Database Management                                     Katherine David, MS 

                    Assistant Director, Telecommunications                                             Jack Davies 



VICE PRESIDENT FOR INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT                                          Kenneth J. Boyden, BS, JD 

                    Director, Annual Fund                                                                     George E. Downs, BS,


                    Assistant Director, Annual Fund                                                        Gretchen M. Gilliland, BA 

                    Senior Director of Data and Stewardship                                              Amy Bryant, BA, MLS 

                    Director, Major Gifts                                                                          Erica Spizzirri, BA 

                    Director, Alumni Relations                                                                Stacy Rosemarin, RPh

Full Time Faculty

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A current listing of all board approved faculty members can be found on the USP website at http://www.usip.edu/faculty/alpha.shtml.  The list contains names, degrees, titles, and email addresses and is updated periodically throughout the year.

For information/contacts on academic programs, see page 65 in the Academics section of this publication.

Important Telephone Numbers

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Emergency Numbers
Poison Information  


Police and Fire Emergency  


Campus Security Beeper (24 hrs)  


Campus Security Office (9-5)  


Severe Weather Hotline  

215-596-USIP (8747)


Off-Campus Referral Numbers
Crisis Intervention:    
Hospital of Univ. of Penn. (24 hr.)   215-662-4000
Suicide & Crisis Intervention Center (24 hr)   215-686-4420
Jefferson Trauma Center (24 Hr)   215-955-6840
Hotlines and Support Services:    
Abused Women (and Men)   215-739-9999
American Anorexia/Bulimia Association of Philadelphia   215-221-1864
HIV Testing   215-732-2437
Incest Survivors Anonymous   215-848-3830
Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered Center (@ UPENN)   215-898-5044
Mazzoni Center (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Questioning Health & Wellbeing Center   215-563-0652
Nationalities Service Center   215-893-8400
Option Line (24-hour pregnancy help line)   800-395-HELP
Planned Parenthood   215-745-5966
WOAR (Women Organized Against Rape)   215-985-3333
WOAR – Business Line   215-985-3315
Substance Abuse Evaluation and Recommendations for Treatment:    
Rehab After Work
(Make an appointment with the Counseling Center)
Other Support and Professional Services:    
ALANON (family/friends of alcoholics) & Alateen (children of alcoholics)   215-222-5244
Alcoholics Anonymous   215-923-7900
Friends Hospital (Inpatient & Outpatient Mental Health Services)   215-831-4600
Kirkbride Center (Inpatient & Outpatient Mental Health Services)   215-471-2000
or   215-471-2600
Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists   215-885-2562
Narcotics Anonymous   215-440-8400
The Renfrew Center (Eating Disorders)   215-482-5353
Consumer Assistance:    
Better Business Bureau of Eastern Pennsylvania   215-985-9313
Philadelphia Bar Association Lawyer Reference Service   215-238-6333
Campus Telephone Numbers
Academic Advising Center   215-596-7530
Accounting Office (Student Accounts)   215-596-8700
Admissions Office   215-596-8810
Advisor   ____________
Affirmative Action Officer   215-596-7484
All-Campus Account   215-596-8946
Athletic Recreation Center   215-596-7440
Athletic & Recreation Office   215-596-8916
Audio/Visual Center   215-596-8993
Billing (Student Accounts)   215-596-8860
Biological Sciences Office   215-596-8919
Bookstore   215-596-8850
Career Services Center   215-596-7494
Cashier   215-596-8857
Center for Community Connections   215-596-8734
Chemistry/Biochemistry Office   215-596-8839
Counseling   215-596-8536
Dean, College of Graduate Studies   215-596-7545
Dean, College of Health Sciences   215-596-8592
Dean, Misher College of Arts and Science   215-596-8888
Dean, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy   215-596-8872
Dean of Students   215-596-8529
Dining Services Director.   215-596-8563
Disability Support Services   215-596-7554
Escort Service   215-596-7000
Facilities Management / Services Response Center   215-596-8955
Financial Aid Office   215-596-8894
Goodman Hall   215-596-8510
Humanities Office   215-596-8895
ID Cards   215-596-8946
Information Science (Library)   215-596-8960
International Student Services   215-596-8890
Main Office   215-596-8800
Math, Physics, Computer Science Office   215-596-8593
Medical Technology Office   215-596-8797
Occupational Therapy Office   215-596-7530
Off-Campus Housing   215-596-8708
Osol Hall   215-895-1125
Parking Permits   215-596-8946
Payroll   215-596-8861
Pharm. Sciences Office   215-596-8830
Pharmacy Practice Office   215-596-8884
Physical Education Office   215-596-8818
Physical Therapy Office   215-596-8849
President’s Office   215-596-8970
Registrar’s Office   215-596-8813
Security Office   215-895-1128
Security Emergencies   215-596-7000
Social Sciences Office   215-596-8927
Strategic Marketing Communications Office   215-596-8788
Student Activities   215-596-8844
Student Affairs (Division of)   215-596-8950
Student Auxiliary Services   215-596-8946
Student Conduct Office   215-596-7554
Student Government Office   215-895-1151
Student Health Office   215-596-8980
Student Life Office   215-895-1192
Tutoring/Student Academic Support Services (SASS)   215-596-8538
Van Service   215-895-1145
Wilson Hall   215-895-1144
Writing Center Office   215-596-8909